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Delta Machine – Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode Delta Machine

My lateness regarding write a review about an album is a precise decision to have enough time for understand the work and the message that the artist would have wanted to give, often a fast listening seems to be a superficial listening. Well let’s talk about Delta Machine, a 2014 Depeche Mode’s album. In my opinion this work define the duality in writing songs of Ghan and Gore, all of the album is like a collage of techno (Gore) and melodies (Ghan) sometimes well thought remembering albums like Violator and Songs of Fate and Devotion, other times lyrics and sound seems not to be well mixed. The first song of the album, “Welcome to My World“, is fantastic, a return to the sonorities of the 90s, perfect combination of techno in a crescendo of complex melodies, the next song “Angel” and “My little Universe” are a clear reference to the origins techno pop of the band.

Slow” is a masterpiece, very reminiscent “Clean” album Songs of Faith and Devotion. With “Soft Touch / Raw Nerve”, the work of the band to present clear melodies of the past, rearranged in a modern way, it is really very well done. “Should Be Higher“, from this point the album takes an acceleration, all the songs now seem more fluid. A beautiful work, dark and suffered in some parts but of great impact especially on back to sounds that had seemed to be put aside.



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